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[list] 10000.list [calculate md5sum] 49.0  B 2017-Dec-08
[cfg] cwshare.cfg [calculate md5sum] 74.0  B 2017-Dec-08
[info] [calculate md5sum] 29.2 KB 2017-Dec-08
[list] ignore.list [calculate md5sum] 25.0 KB 2017-Dec-08
[conf] incubusCamd.conf [calculate md5sum] 8.8 KB 2017-Dec-08
[prio] incubusCamd.prio [calculate md5sum] 14.6 KB 2017-Dec-08
[cfg] mbox.cfg [calculate md5sum] 7.0 KB 2017-Dec-08
[] mg_cfg [calculate md5sum] 3.5 KB 2017-Dec-08
[list] newcamd.list [calculate md5sum] 123.0  B 2017-Dec-08
[xml] newcs.xml [calculate md5sum] 2.0 KB 2017-Dec-08
[conf] oscam.conf [calculate md5sum] 434.0  B 2017-Dec-08
[guess] oscam.guess [calculate md5sum] 43.0  B 2017-Dec-08
[server] oscam.server [calculate md5sum] 951.0  B 2017-Dec-08
[services] [calculate md5sum] 3.6 KB 2017-Dec-08
[srvid] oscam.srvid [calculate md5sum] 83.2 KB 2017-Dec-08
[user] oscam.user [calculate md5sum] 221.0  B 2017-Dec-08
[list] priority.list [calculate md5sum] 280.0  B 2017-Dec-08
[conf] vizcam.conf [calculate md5sum] 10.5 KB 2017-Dec-08
[provid] vizcam.provid [calculate md5sum] 36.7 KB 2017-Dec-08
[srvid] vizcam.srvid [calculate md5sum] 89.5 KB 2017-Dec-08
20 Files - 0 Folders Total size: 315.7 KB  
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